With a minor in visual effects, I also wanted to include a few of my VFX exercises on my site, as many of them go hand-in-hand with animation. I’ve taken courses in compositing, rotoscoping, matte painting, match-moving and camera projection.

Demo Reel Breakdown:

0:00-0:16: VFS: Spider Assignment
The same as the clip from the main animation reel, but with an extended breakdown of the composited render passes. This clip was match-moved in Nuke where the tracking markers were painted out and the spider was animated in Maya.

0:16-0:21: Rotoscoping
This was a personal exercise in rotoscoping where I wanted to create a matte out of existing footage with a long-haired subject without using the color keyer. All of the rotoscoping was done in Silhouette FX. The rotoscoped girl is a fellow animator and designer, Tegan Laing, whose portfolio can be found here.

0:21-0:30: VFS: Jungle Matte Painting and Camera Projection
This was a class exercise in matte painting. The city in the mountains is styled after Angkor Wat and I chose to put it in a jungle so I could experiment with camera projecting the the foreground plants onto some animated leaves.